Your next home awaits....but while you wait why not rent to own it !!

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With Divvy, you can still move into your dream home and start building equity—all without a mortgage payment inflated by high interest.  With Divvy, your purchase price is pre-set for the next 3 years, giving you the power to secure your mortgage after waiting out the market.  With Divvy, every cost is 100% predictable—from your monthly rent to your
home purchase price—for a full 3 years.  With Divvy, your initial payment is just 1-2% of your home’s purchase price, and we cover the initial closing costs for you.  Divvy puts the security of single-family
homeownership within reach—without any of the risk of long-term commitment.  With Divvy, a low initial payment and built-in savings that stay yours put you on a path to homeownership no matter where the market goes.


Higher Interest Rates Make Rent-to-own Right, Right Now

Higher Interest Rates Make Rent-to-own Right, Right Now

Rising interest rates are putting more and more aspiring homeowners between a rock and a hard place. When you can’t afford a mortgage for your dream home, you can compromise on a lesser house (if it even exists in your area). Or keep renting, forgo equity, and cross your fingers that things will change.

Or you can take the third option: a stepping stone between renting and a traditional mortgage that makes your dream home accessible now.

Divvy does just that with lower upfront costs and monthly payments, pre-set purchase prices, and the option for built-in down payment savings that can grow alongside your home’s appreciation. From day one, we plan for every customer to own their home, all while giving them the freedom to walk away at any point, sacrificing just a 2% relisting fee.

Benefit from appreciation

The unprecedented demand for single-family homes during the pandemic caused a lightning-fast average appreciation of nearly 45% in just two years. While that growth rate is likely to slow, housing inventory is still a fraction of what’s needed, and we expect homes to continue to increase in value over time. Not only does waiting on the sidelines mean continuing to put life on hold—it also isn’t likely to be the wisest long term wealth strategy.

Divvy customers don’t have to wait to build wealth. When you save for your down payment with Divvy, those savings can grow annually based on the appreciation of your home, jumpstarting your equity. And with pre-set purchase prices that don’t change no matter how much your home value increases, you have the potential to beat the market altogether.

If that doesn’t happen, and housing prices come down? You can walk away, no questions asked. Divvy customers have three years to watch the market while deciding whether to buy their homes. If the tide turns against them, they sacrifice only a relisting fee of 2% of their home’s initial price.